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Engineering Maths & Physics Tuitions

Inadequate quality and knowledge in maths is raising serious problems among graduates getting into engineering and of those passing out the four years courses. Todays engineering graduates are unable to unravel straightforward mathematical queries.

Engineering Mathematics is not that dreadfully hard-fought .To clear this subject you should be committed to investing the time demanded for mastering the courses. The most important is the basics of Algebra,trigonometry and calculus like differential equations ,integration etc. Have a clear understanding of concept and working out the steps ,you get more involved in it and grasp it faster.Select the right text or notes for studies,or you can take guidance from teachers or friends .Even if you fail an any any attempt ,never take it punishing and try more harder to attain success.

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CI Classes delivers the complete syllabus of Engineering Mathematics or Physics in the shortest span of time. Our Mathematics offline & online coaching syllabus is designed to deliver as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. With us, you will get access to: real one on one classes (both in online and offline mode), Interactive quizzes and tests, MCQs and unsolved questions with detailed solutions, live class sessions with your personal mentors.

Whenever students do not understand any topic, our teachers repeat that topic to ensure students are understanding the topic.

CICIIT also known as one of the best IIT JAM Mathematics & Physics

Special Features of our Classes

IIT-JAM Mathematics & Physics Classroom/Live Classes with three options are available.

Option 1. 4-5 days (Monday to Friday) a week,

Option 2. Weekend ,

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